Replacement of control systems from Mark II to Mark IV in Gas GE Turbines by redundant PLC-based systems S414H and security PLC S315F.



About the project:

Almost a decade ago , ENDESA decided to substitute the control of all of their gas turbine that were under the MARK system by General Electric in order to cheapen the high costs of maintenance that those systems required and , at the same time, to try to improve their availability.
ACI started this transition at the Thermal Power Plant of Ibiza (ENDESA). Or team of engineers, in close collaboration with the engineering department of ENDESA, substituted the old equipment by last generation automatons (SIMATIC H and F by SIEMENS, to be exact) and we developed the control software from scratch. After that, the maintenance could then be carried out by the plant employees, consequently reducing the external maintenance costs and also increasing availability at the same time.

Given the achievement of this starting project, ACI was chosen to replace the control of the 12 gas turbines that ENDESA has all over the national territory.