Control System of biomass boilers and waste recoverys



About the project:

Regarding efficient energetic use, we would like to highlight our project of the Energy recovery plant for SAICA Burgo de Ebro where they went from paying huge amounts of money to get rid of the daily

The technology of the transportation, sieving and fueling of a fluidized bed boiler makes it an environmentally innovative project. Our team developed the programming of two PLC SIMATIC 1511-PN and designed and implemented a system of Client-Server for the centralized monitorization of power generation based on WinCC 7.5 and WebNavigator. Also, we developed a customized application in C# language to deal with the received emails as much as to elaborate new e-mails that had the capacity of updating variables, notify incidences and sent automated reports in an .xlsx. format.

Other relevant projects have been the restoration of old biomass boilers. Starting from old control systems for which the documentation wasn’t in our possession or it didn’t even exist, we applied a new full engineering, getting stable biomass plants that are at the same time, efficient and profitable. Some examples are the biomass plant of Glefarán en Aranguren and the biomass plants of GESTRAMP en Fundao y Visseu (Portugal).