Control Engineering of Power Plants with PCS7 by SIEMENS



About the project:
From the beginning, ACI has specialized in Thermal Power Plant control. A standing out example is the Thermal Power Plant in Teruel (ENDESA) in which three groups of production were fully automated with 1GW totally installed , the carbon park and its management, the desulfurization process, the treatment plants, etc. This was indeed a major project with a total of 12 pairs of redundant servers, 85 automatons and 35 clients (SIEMENS) with 3 million DCS signals and 25,000 field signals, all integrated into PCS7.


Regarding complexity, one of the main accomplished projects by ACI was the control of Bocamina Thermal Power Plant Group 1 (ENEL Chile). In a preliminary stage, an exhaustive study of the plant was carried out to gather all the information as possible about the plant. Since the documentation for this power plant had been developed over the span of 40 years, sometimes we faced very deteriorated documents and, in some other cases, there was a complete lack of information or missing documents.


FInally, all the engineering of field wiring was redone; specific electronic cards were designed and manufactured in order to keep very old positioner equipment; all the control engineering was developed and the complete simulation of the plant was programmed.

This was a very sensitive project due to its particular characteristics and great complexity, but it still represents one of the greatest achievements of our company

In both of the mentioned cases, advanced simulation allowed us to simultaneously provide the operators with training for all kinds of situations as well as to reach a high level of refinement of the program. Thus, we are able to stay ahead of our projects and carry out implementations with less contingencies and with a much quicker response as it is normally found during the projects of this magnitude.