Implementation of an automated load control system (AGC); primary, secondary and tertiary energy control and optimization of the interruptibility system



About the project:

For years we have worked in many projects of supplying, programming and implementation of remote stations that are communicated through a protocol IEC60870-5-101/104 to each of the energy generation groups of an electrical plant with an EDESA control center. Our control systems can be found in every power plant in Balearic and Canary Islands, the Diesel plants of Ceuta and Melilla or the Thermal plants of Andorra (Teruel), Cubelles en Barcelona o Compostilla II in Ponferrada.


This deep data research is the base to successfully carry out an strict generation group modeling in order to improve their primary response. The knowledge of the system acquired this way helps to target the modifications needed by the existing controls to make the improvements more effective. This, together with the integration of secondary and tertiary energy with REE via ICCP protocol helps us to provide a comprehensive service within the energy market

The enhancement of Control Centers together with an optimization of the interruptibility systems that improve the plant’s REE response places us as the leaders if the energy global energy production section. Some examples are the ENCE Group Control Center or the SAICA Control Center.