It usually happens that companies that have a gas turbine or steam turbine in their facilities turn to its manufacturer to carry out maintenance work or modify its control. Frequently, the reason for this is the lack of confidence in the capacity of other companies to carry out this maintenance.

Due to the experience and knowledge acquired by our team of engineers over all these years, ACI IS A REAL ALTERNATIVE, with the ability to face this type of work regardless of its complexity, always offering the MAXIMUM GUARANTEE AND QUALITY.


Our scope:

  • Full control systems of turbines from various manufacturers (GE, Siemens or Westinghouse)
  • Boiler control systems
  • Automatic Generation Control (AGC)
  • Turbopumps speed control systems
  • Remote control of turbines and their auxiliary systems for long-distance operation
  • Control Centers
  • Interruptibility Service


In all those places of the Spanish territory where the wired network of the Spanish Electricity Network (REE) doesn’t exist, as it happens with some of the Balearic and Canary Islands and the extra-peninsular cities of

critical factors in these types of facilities are availability, the risk of blackouts, the control of the electrical network frequency and the energy distribution between all the groups that are generating in parallel.

Our systems control a very considerable percentage of this type of power plants in Spain.

ACI have developed advanced systems that are responsible for the distribution of the generated energy and the smart supervision of the network state. They operate as prevention systems, so that if any anomaly takes place, they can autonomously decide to start one or more groups, switch the load and even trigger lines if needed.


Our scope:

  • Full control systems of diesel engines
  • Full automation of auxiliary group services
  • Automatic Generation Control (AGC) implementation
  • Accurate speed control systems
  • Development of monitoring control and data acquisition systems


Our commitment to sustainable energy is growing. Each year our experience in this sector increases, and there already are many facilities that are controlled by our systems.


Our scope:

  • Automation of hydraulic plants: from the hydraulic turbines control to the regulation of reservoirs, forced pipe systems or pumping
  • Full solar thermal plants control.
  • Automation of wind farms.
  • Engineering, programming and optimization of biomass power plants


Energy use in relation to industrial processes has bursted into a world that moves steadily towards the pursuit of maximum profitability and sustainability. The benefits for the environment are enormous.

In the case of energetic valorisation, the objective is to take advantage of the waste generated during a process to produce energy in the form of electricity, steam or hot water. On the other hand, cogeneration consist of using the residual heat of a process to generate power from it. Normally, electrical or mechanical energy and thermal energy are generated simultaneously, and if cold were also generated, it would be called trigeneration.

ACI has extensive experience in both of those fields. Our team of engineers has successfully developed entire projects but it has also carried out legacy systems upgrade. Whatever your need, we can advise you.