Speed control and coordinated load and pressure control on steam turbines



About the project:
During the 90s, our company developed a control system for big thermal power plant steam turbines. The permanent adaptacion to the technological advances and the use of unobtrusive control PLCs allowed us to get into a market ruled by big multinational companies of automation and controlling. Our systems are highly qualified, competitive and accessible and our services have even been hired by those same multinational companies, cheapening their costs and reassuring our prominent spot within the sector as well as our reputation and prestige.


During all these years we have implemented more than 15 comprehensive controls on turbines from different manufacturers in the Electrical Power Plants of the Balearic and Canary Islands (ENDESA) with an installed power of over 3GW. In all these cases, high availability and security redundant automatons systems (SIMATIC H and F by SIEMENS) have been installed to meet the demanding specifications required in this type of plants, which is really critical since they supply energy exclusively to a specific population area


We have also substituted a great number of older Woodward speed controls to integrate them within the plant control. Examples of this are the different energy generation groups found at the Diesel Power Plants in Ceuta y Melilla (ENDESA), the Thermal Power Plant of Los Guinchos (ENDESA), SAICA-1 in Zaragoza o TIRME in Mallorca.